Welcome Winter

Today on October 26th, outside my window, I saw the first frozen-looking precipitation whipping in the wind. I think I’m safe to call it snow. I’m like a little kid in the fact that I always look forward to the first snowfall of the year. Today doesn’t look like it’s going to be the first “snowfall”. The wind is clearly moving out anything that might have thought about falling on the ground.

I know a lot of people who don’t like winter…A LOT. This is fine since I’m a big believer in everyone is different and differing opinions make the world a more interesting place, but it makes me wonder:
If a person doesn’t like winter/snow/ice WHY would they choose to live in North Dakota? Winter can arrive as early as October and it doesn’t leave for good some years until March. We even can have snow in April. Having such hard feelings about the weather half of the year must be exhausting.

It’s like anything else: a relationship, a house, a friend, a job. If a person spends half of their time hating a component of their life, why would a person choose to keep that component around? I suppose change is scary. Is change more scary than being miserable? I hope not. I tend to find change exhilarating. The opportunity of the unknown is thrilling and so hopeful. Maybe that’s why I like winter…well all seasons really. It’s the opportunity of a new world. There are chances to see and experience new things.

I find few things as joyful as going to sleep and waking up with several inches of snow blanketing everything around me. To see the trees and landscape cocooned in snow, glistening and making my yard like a postcard…there are few early morning surprises that are better. I enjoy bundling up with my shovel and going out and carving paths one scoop at a time. I enjoy the silence that occurs when there’s no more crunching leaves or snapping twigs and everything just has the chance to be still.

However you feel about impending winter or your relationship, house, friend, or job, I hope you find the opportunity in it exhilarating and not a source of grumbling. Life is too short to spend it miserable.

Welcome winter! I’m glad to see you again. IMG_9936