Christmas Facebook Lies and Lying Liars.

It’s Christmas weekend and some of us are celebrating the holiday with family.  Some of us also have Facebook and no doubt will be posting about the events that unfold.  I think the two of you who read this blog may have clicked over here from Facebook, so yeah…I’m talking to you.

This holiday keep in mind, Facebook is NOT real. Don’t set your holiday success bar based on what you see posted. Social media is showing you the glossed-over, shined-up, and one-sided version of the holiday.  Hey, I’m to blame too. Let me admit to my own holiday farce.

First of all, I only posted my “best” pictures. Double-chins, lazy-eyes and gaping-jaws were all deleted.

I posted the photo of all of the grandchildren decorating a gingerbread house with grandma.  I did not capture a picture of when Miss A decided to take the house on a walk, dumped it, shattered it, and then I had to sweep it up because the irresistible urge to eat floor candy mixed with dirt and dog hair was too strong for her to resist.

I posted the photo of the children watching Despicable Me 3 together-the first time…not the third time we turned it on as a hailMary to just get some non-screaming sanity-building time.

My wall has a picture of children happily opening brand new board games, but I neglected to capture the pic of kids standing on and cracking the game that’s been open for less than 10 minutes.

Perfect photo of the freshly baked bread? Got it. Photos of the other two loaves that flopped but I baked anyway out of spite? Nope. I didn’t get those.

Picture of Miss E lovingly hugging her new stuffed animal? Posted.  Any mention of the scream-match over the same stuffed animal complete with sibling whacks and door slamming 30 minutes later? Nope.

Photos of cousins lovingly playing together? Check. Photos of me and Hubby inventing reasons to go to Walgreens just to get 5 minutes of peace? Oops forgot again.

As people are on Facebook “liking” my photos, I’m writing my blog riding home in my car as my 5 year-old is losing her damn mind in the back because she is over tired and suffering from a holiday hangover…and she just woke up the 2-year Old. Hello last 40 miles of Hell.

So when you see these photos of the matching pajama, smiling, holiday cheerful families, remember: they’re probably a bunch of holly, jolly, assholes, a half step from losing it… just like the rest of us.

Merry Christmas!



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