Birthday Cakes Blahs

On my 17th birthday my dad made me a birthday cake. It was chocolate. Chocolate was my favorite. I was so consumed with going to hang out with my friends, I took a quick photo and then went out to meet them. I don’t even remember if I ate a piece of cake. My dad passed away less than six months later.

Today is my birthday. I have no cake. Today marks the point that I have been legally an adult as long as I was a child. I’m 36. What normally is a happy day has me feeling very reflective and meloncholly which isn’t usually my style.

Instead of being wrapped up in the poor-me or the so-sad mindframe I try to look at the bright side and the opportunity.

If you are finding yourself in a place of not-so-niceness, remember all the good things, all of your accomplishments and eat the damn cake. 20B1D515-3672-47CE-9B2E-E98465641BD4.jpeg


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